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Ark Family Center

Transformation Through Empowerment

Meet our Ark Crew!

Dr. Edward Kudaverdian, PhD - CEO & Founder

Edward Kudaverdian, Ph.D. is the founder and Executive Director of Ark Family Center, Inc. a non-profit organization founded in 1999 serving the community with Mental Health and Educational Services, with the commitment to enhance the emotional, physical and educational well being of the community.

He earned his diploma in Hypnotherapy in 1995, and in 1999 earned two Master of Arts degrees one in Psychology with emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy and the other in Organizational Behavior. In 2002 Dr. Kudaverdian earned his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Kudaverdian has pioneered and published research into the “Psychological Effects of Genocide on Children of Survivors and their Own Offsprings.” He also has conducted and published research about stress in an organizational environment and in his paper he has introduced new strategies and concepts of how to deal with stress.

As a result of his many years in the educational arena and conducting different types of researches and his own personal participation in transformational seminars, Dr. Kudaverdian created the “Curriculum For Awakening” seminar – now called “Create Freedom and Awareness” (CFA) – to make a difference in the community as a whole. Upon starting the organization in 1999 Dr. Kudaverdian works diligently to continuously create new workshops and for all segments of the community with the commitment of increasing our communities emotional intelligence and overall well being.

Dr. Kudaverdian has published two books: First book is his research on the Psychological Effects of the Armenian Genocide and the resultant effects on the offspring. A Must Read!

The second book is a Novel about Rosaline, one of Dr. K’s clients. Her family was born from the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide and, although generations apart, her own life has been marred by abuse, violence, drugs, and heartbreak.
​Dr. K’s books are available on Click here to purchase

Melina Sardar, MA - Educational Director

Since 1999, Melina has been an active volunteer here at Ark Family Center, Inc. as our Educational Director. She manages all educational programs, coordinates the fundraising events, and oversees all the volunteers. At Ark she also supports Dr. K. with program development and implementation. In 2012, Melina received the Business Life Magazine, Women’s Achievers Award for her active involvement and volunteer work at Ark.

Since 2003, Melina has been operating her private coaching practice, and specializes in providing 1-on-1 coaching in areas of career, relationship, emotional awareness, stress and anxiety management. She is committed to coaching and training individuals to increase productivity, be happy, and create a life with new choices. She also organizes and hosts retreats for women.

Melina has a master’s Degree in Psychology and has graduated from National Association of Professional Coaches (NAPC). She has several master level certifications in the field of Accelerated Human Change, Master Performance Consulting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Professional Coaching. For 17 years she worked for City of Glendale as a career coach and a business specialist and has successfully supported hundreds of people to pursue their desired career and life goals. She also worked for CBRE, Inc. a multimillion-dollar global real-estate company as a change leader.
Melina is also the author of a 21- Day workbook, titled A Woman’s Spiritual Healing Experience, “SHE”, where she has designed “Self-Care strategies” for individuals, and professionals who want to grow, feel more confident, heal the past and find more meaning and purpose in their lives. The book can be purchased on her website

Sosseh Taimoorian, MA - Creative Director

Sosseh has been an active Certified Professional Life Coach and Truth Advocate with Ark since 2013. She is a graduate of the CFA and Advanced CFA training programs. She completed Dr. K’s coaching certification program, and immediately started providing coaching services at Ark Family Center, Inc. As a coach her passions lie in supporting her clients to realize their worth and express their truths in order to live more authentic and meaningful lives.

She is committed to empower women and children to break free from the mental and emotional traumas that physical abuse can bring. Ms. Taimoorian received her BA in Urban Studies from the University of California Berkeley, and her Master’s in Public Administration and Urban Planning from California State University, Northridge. Outside of coaching, Ms. Taimoorian enjoys designing various urban design projects for clients, painting, and hiking/biking throughout the city.

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